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5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas

Part 1

We all want to create a party for our kids that they will remember, one that will be talked about, one that all the kids would love to have had! But planning that party can be hard work – trawling through countless web pages and shops for the perfect party decorations, games, food and party favours.

My son made a special request for a space theme party last year (you can read some more about it here). It was the perfect opportunity for me to create my space cake topper set but it got me thinking too. What if I wanted to plan the ultimate outer space birthday party? Well read on and I’ll give you the perfect guide to planning a space theme party. You’ll find 5 great ways to make your party ‘totally out of this world’. In fact, I had so many great ideas for you all that I’ve made 2 posts, so make sure you check out Part 2 to find out the 4 and 5!

1. Space Party Decorations

The decorations at the party can create such an impact when the party guests arrive. Think happy birthday banners, rocket and astronaut balloons and blue and silver sparkly streamers. The party decorations just get everyone in the party mood.

DIY Balloon Arch

You can make your very own balloon arches using balloons and a roll of balloon arch tape. Once you’ve blown up your balloon, simply insert the knotted end into a hole in the tape. Alternate the side of the tape you insert into and hey presto! Try blowing your balloons up to different sizes for a fun effect, and you can even add more volume by using glue dots to stick balloons to others in the display. Different shades of blue balloons, with some white and silver added makes a perfect space theme. Try out some metallic and confetti filled balloons for some added sparkle and interest.

Letter Decorations

To add something a little different to your decorations, why not try these 3D space themed letters from Sobe Crafts to spell out the birthday boy/girls name and/or age? They’d make a fabulous centrepiece at the party entrance or on the table.

3D Space Theme Letters from Sobe Crafts

2. Space Party Table

What’s a party without food and cake! It’s the part of the party my kids look forward to most so we make a big deal of creating fun, delicious – but with some healthy options included! I love baking my own cake and spend so much time scrolling through Pinterest ideas for decorating. It’s become a birthday preparation ritual for us, sitting on the computer picking out the theme and ideas for the cake.

Space Cake Topper

My very own space cake topper set can bring any cake to the next level and provide an amazing centrepiece on the table. Simply push the wood skewers into your home-baked, shop-bought or professionally made cake to add height and drama. The added personalisation makes them extra special and they co-ordinate perfectly with the space theme party straws. Made with biodegradable paper straws and handmade space decorations, these straws add some more outer space highlights to the party table. They are also a great way to keep track of your guest’s drinks!

DIY Party Food

You can then add some fun space theme party foods to the table. These can be so easy to make and can definitely make the healthier options look more appealing! Why not try these great banana and strawberry rockets? All you need are bananas, strawberries and food skewers. Slice the bananas and strawberries into rounds about 1″ thick. Start with the point of a strawberry at the top of the skewer then alternate the fruits until you have a rocket shape. For an added whizz you can cut a piece of orange or red fruit (rock melon, plum or watermelon) into a rectangle. Cut a triangle shape from one of the long ends and add for the flames at the bottom. Here’s a few we made!

3. Space Party Dress-Up

Why not hold a fancy dress space party? Party guests can come dressed up as aliens, planets, rocketships

These space theme satin capes from Robins Bobbins are just perfect. Each costume comes with a personalised cape and up to 3 accessories including a mask and cuffs.

Satin Superhero Space Cape from Robins Bobbins

You could pair your costumes with some galactic space face painting. A set of face paints, a sponge, a fine paintbrush and a little water is all you need. A quick google search of ‘kids space face painting ideas’ will give you lots of ideas – and don’t think you need be really creative to join in the fun. This galaxy face paint is so easy to do. Dab some light blue face paint over the child’s face with a sponge. Add some darker blue to one side with the sponge, then dot little stars of white with the paintbrush. If you’re feeling adventurous why not add a little circle planet once the background is dry!

To find out more amazing space party ideas make sure to read Part 2 and check out my space party Pinterest board for even more great ideas.

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