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5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas:2

Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series I gave you some super tips on elevating your space party decorations and party table. You also got some great ideas for a dress-up space party with costume and face painting ideas. In Part 2 I have some amazing space party games and activities along with great party favour ideas to send home with your party guests. They will ensure the guests rave about your party for some time!

Keep reading to find out more ultimate space party ideas.

4. Space Party Games

To keep up the outer space adventures you could play a few space themed party games. Yippee Adventures have some fantastic space adventure gift boxes including this Blast into Space Bumper Gift Box. This space theme gift box includes a whole range of space activities including a set of constellation discs and a deck of space fact cards. They suggest getting a torch to shine through the discs to see what each of the constellations look like and playing a memory game with the cards – I know my kids would love that!

Blast into Space Bumper Gift box from Yippee Adventures

You can also create your very own space party games. If your house is like ours there are always lots of balloons to play with. You can make them into great alien faces for your party guests to play with (and then take home!) by giving them alien shape eyes and glue dots to stick them on. Try using green balloons and cutting the eyes from black and yellow card. Depending on their age, you could either have the eyes prepared beforehand, or include making them as a fun activity during the party. You can get more details on how to make your alien balloons by downloading the instructions and templates below.

The balloons can also be used to play ‘Musical Alien Catch’ – think musical chairs but when the music stops players have to catch a balloon alien to stay in the game.

5. Space Party Favours

Send your party guests home with a space theme party bag and favours. The space party bag from Bear & Willow is decorated with a rocket thank you note and personalised tag from the birthday boy or girl. Inside there is a sheet of gloss vinyl stickers with 11 individual outer space stickers. Your party guests will have so much fun creating space pictures when they get home.

You could also add in a few more fun space favours like these space crayons from Crazy House Crayons. They would be perfect for adding some more details to the space pictures they’ve made using their space stickers.

To find out more amazing space party ideas make sure to read Part 1 here. And check out my Space Theme Children’s Party Pinterest board for yet more space-filled fun

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