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Best Pirate Party Ever

Pirates have always been a firm favourite party theme – and that’s not going to change anytime soon! From pirate ships to treasure chests, gold coins to scull and cross bones, pirate theme parties can be so much fun. To make sure yours stands out from the rest, I have compiled for you a selection of DIY pirate party decor and products from small businesses.

Pirate Party Table

You can achieve an amazing pirate theme party table with these great ideas. The pirate cake topper from Bear & Willow makes a show stopping centrepiece. You can even order matching cupcake toppers and party straws to create a truly fantastic pirate party table!

Why not try out these fun pirate theme party food ideas too? We tried out this fun treasure map pizza. You could have it prepared beforehand, or have your party guests help out with the decorations. Pre-made pizza bases, tortilla wraps or puff pastry sheets can be used for the base. Add some passatta (or tomato-based sauce), cheese, pepperoni (island), red pepper (red cross and ship), pineapple (gold treasure), mushrooms (treasure trail), rocket and mini breadsticks (trees).

Pirate Treasure Map Pizza

You could also try out these easy, minimal preparation, pirate theme party snack ideas.

  • Canon balls – using any round chocolate or corn snacks (e.g. Maltesers® or Burger Bites®) or black grapes for a healthier option
  • Starfish – use a star shape cutter to cut sandwiches or home-baked biscuits
  • Pirate Ships – a wedge of fruit (e.g. apple, orange, melon) or a mini sausage as the boat and a slice of cheese on a cocktail stick for the sail
  • Rum Punch – make up a jug of fruit juice and add some cubes of fruit and ice cubes

Finally, to add an extra special pirate touch, add some fun pirate theme decorations around the table. This fun Pirate Bunting from Two5Designs can be personalised with your child’s name and age. They also have this pirate skull and swords version for older kids.

Pirate Party Activities

I do love a bit of dress-up at a party and these Pirate Eye Patches from Mummy Hughesy are just perfect to hand out to the party guests on arrival. Get everyone in the pirate spirit and let imaginations flow. Here are a few of my favourite pirate theme activities

  • Walk the Plank – first divide the party guests into teams of pirates and prisoners. Lay a long piece of cardboard, or a low level wood plank on the ground. The pirates chase the prisoners and anyone caught has to walk the plank. On a warm day you could add a waterslide to the end for some splashing fun. Rotate the teams halfway through so everyone gets a turn!
  • Pirate Scavenger Hunt – have a selection of treasure items in a box to hide. Try some gold chocolate coins or other fun treat. Make up a map with a big red cross to mark the spot. This post from Red Tricycle gives some great tips on creating an authentic map. If you’re not feeling crafty then you could come up with some clues. A quick internet search will bring up lots of examples for you to use.
  • Pirate Craft – this super easy pirate plate face is so much fun. All you need is a white paper plate, red, white and black paper, string/wool, scissors, glue and sticky tape.

And for the perfect ending …

Send your party guests home with a pirate theme party bag and favours. The pirate party bag from Bear & Willow is decorated with a personalised pirate ship thank you note. Inside there is a sheet of gloss vinyl stickers with 11 individual pirate theme stickers. Your party guests can use them to create a fabulous pirate theme picture when they get home.

Maybe add a special treat inside your party bag like these super cute pirate theme chocolate lollipops from Onlyhappiness Design. You’ll be sure to have the happiest pirate adventurers!

To find even more amazing pirate party ideas check out my Pirate Birthday Party Pinterest board.

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