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How to Plan a Superhero Party

Superhero Theme Party Bag and Fillers from Bear & Willow

Want to know how to plan a Superhero Party – then read on for some ‘pow’tastic superhero party ideas?

My son asked for a superhero theme birthday party this year, and I’m never one for falling into the norm. He hasn’t been swayed by the movies and comic characters just yet so I got to run with my imagination and create his very own superhero – based on him. He chose the colour scheme, approved the activities and decor, and the character was designed as a ‘mini-me’ so he could truly be the star of the show. So, you can be guaranteed that these superhero party ideas are 7 year old approved!

1. The Party Invitations

Superhero Party Invite from Bear & Willow

Set the scene for your Superhero party by sending themed party invitations. Add a few superhero words, jokes or puns depending on the age of the party guests. Make sure you give details of the date, time and place of the party well in advance. I always recommend at least 3 weeks notice, especially when you have a party entertainer or venue to book based on the number of guests. It also gives the party guests plenty of time to get excited about the upcoming event! These invitations will be available very soon as a pdf from Bear & Willow. Simply print out and fill in the details. You can then post or hand deliver to the invited guests or take a photo and pass it on digitally. Why not sign up to my newsletter to be kept up to date with their launch.

2. The Party Food

Superhero sandwiches with star-shaped fairy breads and jam snacks

I always love researching the possible themed party food ideas for our celebrations. I use Google or Pinterest to search for ideas, but love to put my own spin on things too. Some of my favourite Superhero foods include

  • Superhero Sandwiches – use a star shape cookie cutter to cut a hole in the top bread layer. Just make sure you avoid wet or loose fillings that may fall out. A slice of cooked meat or cheese is perfect. The cut out stars can then be used to create snacks like star-shaped fairy bread (butter and sprinkles) or jam stars (I add some edible gold spray for extra drama).
  • Superhero Power Serum – add some crushed ice to a brightly coloured drink to give your party guests some instant ‘Superhero Power’. We had fun imagining what superhero power they would like to have and what they would do with it. You could use a clear glass to add to the effect, and why not pop in a Superhero Party Straw too!
  • Superhero Marshmallow & Fruit Platter – Use a variety of fruits and marshmallows, even add in some raw veg, to create a superhero theme picture. Spell out ‘BOOM’ or “POW’ in marshmallows and surround with bright red, orange and yellow. I love the superhero shield fruit spread example from Halloween Alley too.
  • Superhero Food Names – if you don’t have the time or creative juices to create themed food then simply add names to your party food. Think ‘Power (chicken) Nuggets’, ‘Super (bread) Sticks’ and ‘Hammer (cheese cube or marshmallow on a stick) Snack’.

3. The Party Cake

Create an amazing centrepiece for your party table by adding a personalised Superhero Cake Topper to your party cake. This set includes a fully customisable ‘mini-me’ superhero, along with a name and age. You can choose the skin tone, hair style and colour, along with the costume colours. Add a gold or silver sparkle accent, and when displayed with the cityscape and superhero ‘BOOM’, ‘POW’ and “CRASH’, you set the perfect superhero scene.

4. The Party Activities

Superhero Toilet Tube Craft

I find having a few party games in mind takes some of the stress out of holding a party at home. I will have at least 2-3 ideas in mind so I can keep the party guests entertained. Hiring a themed entertainer is a fantastic idea. A balloon artist or face painter are always popular or check if there are any local businesses who provide costumed superhero characters.

Outside entertainment is not always an option, or you may still have party-time to fill up so art & craft activities, traditional party games and photo prop set-ups are great options. One activity I have used is this Superhero Toilet Tube Craft. Not only does the activity use up time, it’s simple, cost-effective and the kids end up with something to play with at the end. You can find a short video with instructions here and you can download the template below. Print out on an A4 sheet and use to create the coloured pieces needed.

5. The Party Decorations

Superhero Banner from Ella & Boo

Your party decorations don’t have to be used just on the day. especially if you have a true superhero fan. This fantastic felt superhero banner from Ella & Boo is perfect to use on the day, and then as a permanent addition to your child’s bedroom decor. You can also get a matching personalised pendant with their name. I am also a huge fan of DIY decorations that we make on the days coming up to the party. If your house is anything like ours there is a constant ‘is it my birthday party day yet?’ conversation for several weeks beforehand. Having them help with the decor definitely helps! We print out themed colouring pages and make paper chains in co-ordinating colours. I also love the big impact balloon arches like this one create.

6. The Party Bags

Every birthday party should end with a fabulous party bag – and these Superhero Party Bags definitely fit the bill. They include a special personalised ‘thank you’ on the front, and are sturdy enough to hold plenty of goodies and withstand rummaging! You can purchase as an empty bag to fill yourself, or you can choose to have a selection of Superhero theme party favours added. A super sticker sheet, fun art activity and sparkling party straw will add a ‘WOW’ as the party guests open up their gift. There’s still plenty of room for a slice of cake and some sweet treats – after all, no party bag is a hit without sweets!

If you have enjoyed these Superhero Party tips then do check out some of my other themed party blog posts. If you have a space enthusiast, or pirate lover then I have just the posts for you. Click the links below to find out more.

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