5 Spooktastic Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Looking for some fantastic Halloween party ideas? Then look no further – but beware, these five amazing Halloween party decorations may leave your guests with goosebumps!

I love nothing more than a fabulous themed party – and what better time of year than Halloween to create a party masterpiece. I have gathered a selection of fun Halloween themed party decorations for you to host the best spooky season party.

My Top Pick Halloween Party Decorations

Make sure your home, or even just the room you’ll be hosting your party in, is decorated to get your party guests in the mood. Halloween is actually such a colourful celebration – think orange, purple and green along with black and white! Pair all this colour with spiders, cobwebs, pumpkins, ghosts, witches and bats, and you’ve a fabulous selection of party decoration ideas to choose from.

If you don’t fancy making them yourself, or just don’t have the time then why not start by checking out some of the amazing small businesses who make Halloween decorations?

  1. You’ll find some fantastic wooden hanging decorations at Bear & Willow – perfect to add to a tree branch to create a spooky Halloween feature for your entranceway. You could even hand them out to your trick or treaters as an alternative to all those sweet treats.
  1. Chloe at Hello Magic Co creates the most amazing Halloween banners including this one with added hocus pocus! . This fun canvas banner can be hung with your choice of colour cord and coloured pom pom trim.
Hocus Pocus Canvas Banner from Hello Magic Co
  1. You could also take a peek at the gorgeous felt and wood creations from Holly at Tilly & Primrose. Aren’t these little pumpkins just the cutest! They’d make the perfect addition to your Halloween table centrepiece, or set them around your home for a little spot of cuteness amongst the spookiness.
  1. And for my final pre-made decoration, these Halloween crackers from To You From Alice are such a gorgeous idea for your Halloween table setting. They can be personalised, and filled with your choice of confetti, sweets or chocolate, making them the perfect ‘treat’ for your trick or treater guests.
Halloween Crackers from To You From Alice

Feeling inspired by all these spooktacular Halloween decor finds? I thought you might, so I’ve added a fantastic DIY Halloween decoration idea too. You can try this out yourself, or save as a ghoulishly, fabulous activity for the kids at your Halloween party.

  1. Toilet Tube Monsters – if your house is anything like ours there are numerous toilet roll tubes lying around waiting to be transformed into something amazing. We had a go creating a vampire, monster and pumpkin. I have to say they were super easy and look great! Best of all, all you need is coloured paper, googly eyes and a glue stick. You can freehand it, or I’ve included a free downloadable template with instructions that you can use. Feel free to use this for your personal use, and if you know anyone you think would love it too, why not send them a link to this post and they can download a copy!

I do hope you’ve loved this set of 5 spooktastic Halloween party decoration ideas. They’re sure to help create the perfect Halloween party for you and your guests this year. If you fancy looking at some more Halloween party inspiration then check out my Halloween shop. Click the link below to be taken there

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Best Pirate Party Ever

Pirates have always been a firm favourite party theme – and that’s not going to change anytime soon! From pirate ships to treasure chests, gold coins to scull and cross bones, pirate theme parties can be so much fun. To make sure yours stands out from the rest, I have compiled for you a selection of DIY pirate party decor and products from small businesses.

Pirate Party Table

You can achieve an amazing pirate theme party table with these great ideas. The pirate cake topper from Bear & Willow makes a show stopping centrepiece. You can even order matching cupcake toppers and party straws to create a truly fantastic pirate party table!

Why not try out these fun pirate theme party food ideas too? We tried out this fun treasure map pizza. You could have it prepared beforehand, or have your party guests help out with the decorations. Pre-made pizza bases, tortilla wraps or puff pastry sheets can be used for the base. Add some passatta (or tomato-based sauce), cheese, pepperoni (island), red pepper (red cross and ship), pineapple (gold treasure), mushrooms (treasure trail), rocket and mini breadsticks (trees).

Pirate Treasure Map Pizza

You could also try out these easy, minimal preparation, pirate theme party snack ideas.

  • Canon balls – using any round chocolate or corn snacks (e.g. Maltesers® or Burger Bites®) or black grapes for a healthier option
  • Starfish – use a star shape cutter to cut sandwiches or home-baked biscuits
  • Pirate Ships – a wedge of fruit (e.g. apple, orange, melon) or a mini sausage as the boat and a slice of cheese on a cocktail stick for the sail
  • Rum Punch – make up a jug of fruit juice and add some cubes of fruit and ice cubes

Finally, to add an extra special pirate touch, add some fun pirate theme decorations around the table. This fun Pirate Bunting from Two5Designs can be personalised with your child’s name and age. They also have this pirate skull and swords version for older kids.

Pirate Party Activities

I do love a bit of dress-up at a party and these Pirate Eye Patches from Mummy Hughesy are just perfect to hand out to the party guests on arrival. Get everyone in the pirate spirit and let imaginations flow. Here are a few of my favourite pirate theme activities

  • Walk the Plank – first divide the party guests into teams of pirates and prisoners. Lay a long piece of cardboard, or a low level wood plank on the ground. The pirates chase the prisoners and anyone caught has to walk the plank. On a warm day you could add a waterslide to the end for some splashing fun. Rotate the teams halfway through so everyone gets a turn!
  • Pirate Scavenger Hunt – have a selection of treasure items in a box to hide. Try some gold chocolate coins or other fun treat. Make up a map with a big red cross to mark the spot. This post from Red Tricycle gives some great tips on creating an authentic map. If you’re not feeling crafty then you could come up with some clues. A quick internet search will bring up lots of examples for you to use.
  • Pirate Craft – this super easy pirate plate face is so much fun. All you need is a white paper plate, red, white and black paper, string/wool, scissors, glue and sticky tape.

And for the perfect ending …

Send your party guests home with a pirate theme party bag and favours. The pirate party bag from Bear & Willow is decorated with a personalised pirate ship thank you note. Inside there is a sheet of gloss vinyl stickers with 11 individual pirate theme stickers. Your party guests can use them to create a fabulous pirate theme picture when they get home.

Maybe add a special treat inside your party bag like these super cute pirate theme chocolate lollipops from Onlyhappiness Design. You’ll be sure to have the happiest pirate adventurers!

To find even more amazing pirate party ideas check out my Pirate Birthday Party Pinterest board.

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5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas:2

Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series I gave you some super tips on elevating your space party decorations and party table. You also got some great ideas for a dress-up space party with costume and face painting ideas. In Part 2 I have some amazing space party games and activities along with great party favour ideas to send home with your party guests. They will ensure the guests rave about your party for some time!

Keep reading to find out more ultimate space party ideas.

4. Space Party Games

To keep up the outer space adventures you could play a few space themed party games. Yippee Adventures have some fantastic space adventure gift boxes including this Blast into Space Bumper Gift Box. This space theme gift box includes a whole range of space activities including a set of constellation discs and a deck of space fact cards. They suggest getting a torch to shine through the discs to see what each of the constellations look like and playing a memory game with the cards – I know my kids would love that!

Blast into Space Bumper Gift box from Yippee Adventures

You can also create your very own space party games. If your house is like ours there are always lots of balloons to play with. You can make them into great alien faces for your party guests to play with (and then take home!) by giving them alien shape eyes and glue dots to stick them on. Try using green balloons and cutting the eyes from black and yellow card. Depending on their age, you could either have the eyes prepared beforehand, or include making them as a fun activity during the party. You can get more details on how to make your alien balloons by downloading the instructions and templates below.

The balloons can also be used to play ‘Musical Alien Catch’ – think musical chairs but when the music stops players have to catch a balloon alien to stay in the game.

5. Space Party Favours

Send your party guests home with a space theme party bag and favours. The space party bag from Bear & Willow is decorated with a rocket thank you note and personalised tag from the birthday boy or girl. Inside there is a sheet of gloss vinyl stickers with 11 individual outer space stickers. Your party guests will have so much fun creating space pictures when they get home.

You could also add in a few more fun space favours like these space crayons from Crazy House Crayons. They would be perfect for adding some more details to the space pictures they’ve made using their space stickers.

To find out more amazing space party ideas make sure to read Part 1 here. And check out my Space Theme Children’s Party Pinterest board for yet more space-filled fun

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5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas

Part 1

We all want to create a party for our kids that they will remember, one that will be talked about, one that all the kids would love to have had! But planning that party can be hard work – trawling through countless web pages and shops for the perfect party decorations, games, food and party favours.

My son made a special request for a space theme party last year (you can read some more about it here). It was the perfect opportunity for me to create my space cake topper set but it got me thinking too. What if I wanted to plan the ultimate outer space birthday party? Well read on and I’ll give you the perfect guide to planning a space theme party. You’ll find 5 great ways to make your party ‘totally out of this world’. In fact, I had so many great ideas for you all that I’ve made 2 posts, so make sure you check out Part 2 to find out the 4 and 5!

1. Space Party Decorations

The decorations at the party can create such an impact when the party guests arrive. Think happy birthday banners, rocket and astronaut balloons and blue and silver sparkly streamers. The party decorations just get everyone in the party mood.

DIY Balloon Arch

You can make your very own balloon arches using balloons and a roll of balloon arch tape. Once you’ve blown up your balloon, simply insert the knotted end into a hole in the tape. Alternate the side of the tape you insert into and hey presto! Try blowing your balloons up to different sizes for a fun effect, and you can even add more volume by using glue dots to stick balloons to others in the display. Different shades of blue balloons, with some white and silver added makes a perfect space theme. Try out some metallic and confetti filled balloons for some added sparkle and interest.

Letter Decorations

To add something a little different to your decorations, why not try these 3D space themed letters from Sobe Crafts to spell out the birthday boy/girls name and/or age? They’d make a fabulous centrepiece at the party entrance or on the table.

3D Space Theme Letters from Sobe Crafts

2. Space Party Table

What’s a party without food and cake! It’s the part of the party my kids look forward to most so we make a big deal of creating fun, delicious – but with some healthy options included! I love baking my own cake and spend so much time scrolling through Pinterest ideas for decorating. It’s become a birthday preparation ritual for us, sitting on the computer picking out the theme and ideas for the cake.

Space Cake Topper

My very own space cake topper set can bring any cake to the next level and provide an amazing centrepiece on the table. Simply push the wood skewers into your home-baked, shop-bought or professionally made cake to add height and drama. The added personalisation makes them extra special and they co-ordinate perfectly with the space theme party straws. Made with biodegradable paper straws and handmade space decorations, these straws add some more outer space highlights to the party table. They are also a great way to keep track of your guest’s drinks!

DIY Party Food

You can then add some fun space theme party foods to the table. These can be so easy to make and can definitely make the healthier options look more appealing! Why not try these great banana and strawberry rockets? All you need are bananas, strawberries and food skewers. Slice the bananas and strawberries into rounds about 1″ thick. Start with the point of a strawberry at the top of the skewer then alternate the fruits until you have a rocket shape. For an added whizz you can cut a piece of orange or red fruit (rock melon, plum or watermelon) into a rectangle. Cut a triangle shape from one of the long ends and add for the flames at the bottom. Here’s a few we made!

3. Space Party Dress-Up

Why not hold a fancy dress space party? Party guests can come dressed up as aliens, planets, rocketships

These space theme satin capes from Robins Bobbins are just perfect. Each costume comes with a personalised cape and up to 3 accessories including a mask and cuffs.

Satin Superhero Space Cape from Robins Bobbins

You could pair your costumes with some galactic space face painting. A set of face paints, a sponge, a fine paintbrush and a little water is all you need. A quick google search of ‘kids space face painting ideas’ will give you lots of ideas – and don’t think you need be really creative to join in the fun. This galaxy face paint is so easy to do. Dab some light blue face paint over the child’s face with a sponge. Add some darker blue to one side with the sponge, then dot little stars of white with the paintbrush. If you’re feeling adventurous why not add a little circle planet once the background is dry!

To find out more amazing space party ideas make sure to read Part 2 and check out my space party Pinterest board for even more great ideas.

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Space Party

It started with my son’s 5th birthday. I had been thinking about extending my product range and loved the idea of cake toppers. One of my favourite birthday activities is baking and cake decoration. I have such amazing memories of the birthday cakes my mum and aunt made for me – and I want to do the same for my kids.

Over the past 9 years I have slowly improved my baking skills, and although my decorating is getting there, I thought, why not use my paper crafting skills to make my own decorations? So at the start of 2020 I made my first set of personalised cake toppers – a space cake topper set featuring a rocket, planets, aliens and stars.

My first set of personalised space cake toppers

It just elevated my rather flat cake and turned it into a masterpiece. Finn’s face when it was brought out at the birthday party was priceless and I knew I was ready to bring these to the world! We can’t all create the fabulously decorated cakes we see the professionals make, but here was a way to bring a home-baked (or shop bought) cake up to the same level of ‘WOW’.

After lots of sketching and erasing, making and cutting, my space cake topper set was finalised and added to my shop.

Bear & Willow Space Cake Topper Set and Party Straws

They’ve been joined by a set of personalised space theme party straws – decorated with rockets, alien-ships and stars. And now, as I aim for the ultimate space party experience, I am ready to launch the next product …..

Space Party Bags with matching sticker set

Following a collaboration with fellow Indie Biz owner, Becky, at Ludicrous Prints I am about to start the release of the next stage of Bear & Willow’s party range.

Have you ever just wanted to be able to put together a party bag that suits the theme of your party? Something thats not full of plastic toys and sweets picked up from the supermarket shelves? I certainly have, and so the themed party bag and sticker set was born. First theme due for release on Friday May 28th 2021 ….

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Creating Smiles – Creating Memories

From those first sunny days of exploring the possibilities of paper and keepsakes, Bear & Willow has developed into a place of smiles and memories. It’s why I started it all in the first place – as a way of helping people create something that will bring a smile to their face, or those they love. To be part of a special memory that will stay with them forever.

My vision for Bear & Willow – I want to breathe a little happiness and positivity into your life, with unique pieces that will remind you of the good times and what’s important.

It started with the keepsake books I talked about in my last post. I made books for wedding anniversaries, new baby’s and special birthdays. I started to explore other possibilities and made keepsake and personalised frames too. In 2020 I made the decision to start really trying to make the business grow and succeed. I was getting close to all three of my kids being in school and knew I was going to want to get back to work. Bear & Willow wasn’t going to work unless I focused properly on making it happen – and if it didn’t happen then I’d always wonder ‘what if?’

And so the Etsy shop I had opened several years before was finally stocked. I started posting regularly on my Instagram and FaceBook pages, set up my Pinterest business account and Bear & Willow was officially launched into the world. And then lockdown … home schooling with zero nana and granda childcare breaks! I have to admit, it all stopped for a while and I was sure my great 2020 New Year resolution was dead in the water.

I’m not sure exactly what sparked the change. It could have been a chat with my amazing sister, a fellow maker (Ella & Boo – go check her out!!) and someone who has always been such an inspiration to me. It might have been lifting my Indie Roller Handbook that I had invested in via a Kickstarter campaign the previous year. It might have been a ‘stop feeling sorry for yourself’ moment. Whatever it was it made me step back and I launched a new product line that I had been thinking about for a long time.

I’ve always been a lover all types of celebration – a party lover. Not the dance and drink all night party …. but the let them know how amazing they are party, the celebrating the fantastic things you’ve done party, the we all love you so much party. Some of my favourite memories are of childhood birthday parties and now that I have my own, I love being able to plan their birthdays. Every year I make their birthday cakes and in 2020 I decided to take my cake decorating to the next level.

And it sparked an idea in my head that helped me out of that lockdown mood and started to steer Bear & Willow in the right direction ….

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Bear & Willow

Creating Smiles and Memories – where it all began.

I’ve started this blog as an opportunity to introduce myself, and to share some of my thoughts about memories, keepsakes and remembering what’s important – to you.

I started Bear & Willow in my sunny living room in Western Australia almost 6 years ago. Back then it was just a desire to get back to being creative, and making beautiful things that I could gift to others. I didn’t know then that it was going to become a business – I just had friends who were about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and I wanted to make them something special.

When my daughter was born my sister gifted me the most adorable keepsake book, with pages dedicated to photos, and her birth stats. I’ll admit, I don’t have a great memory without little things to spark them – whether its a note, a photo or a song. This little book is just the perfect prompt for my memories … and the smiles … to come flooding back.

I wanted to make them something similar – a perfect keepsake of their wedding and first year of married life. And so I made my very first starbook – a beautiful yellow, grey and silver book inspired by the colours from their wedding. I quizzed them for all the details, found a picture of the church they married in, and got copies of some of their favourite wedding photos. They all came together to make a book I was so proud of – and their reaction was everything I’d hoped it would be. It was something special and unique to them, a forever reminder of an incredibly special day.

That was the start of what has become a wonderful journey for me. Now that Bear & Willow is more established I wanted to start sharing some of my memories, how I make them and how I treasure them. This blog will be a mix of stories and ideas to help spark your own smiles and memories.

You can see more of my keepsake books at http://www.bearandwillow.com

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