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How to Plan a Superhero Party

Want to know how to plan a Superhero Party – then read on for some ‘pow’tastic superhero party ideas? My son asked for a superhero theme birthday party this year, and I’m never one for falling into the norm. He hasn’t been swayed by the movies and comic characters just yet so I got toContinue reading “How to Plan a Superhero Party”

7 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Those Who Want to Shop Small This Christmas

Look at these fantastic Christmas decorating ideas for those who want to shop small this Christmas? We all know how difficult it has been recently for small businesses to survive and continue providing their unique, often one-of-a-kind, products and fabulous customer service to us all. This Christmas is the perfect time to show your support,Continue reading “7 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Those Who Want to Shop Small This Christmas”

Best Pirate Party Ever

Pirates have always been a firm favourite party theme – and that’s not going to change anytime soon! From pirate ships to treasure chests, gold coins to scull and cross bones, pirate theme parties can be so much fun. To make sure yours stands out from the rest, I have compiled for you a selectionContinue reading “Best Pirate Party Ever”

5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas:2

Part 2 In Part 1 of this blog series I gave you some super tips on elevating your space party decorations and party table. You also got some great ideas for a dress-up space party with costume and face painting ideas. In Part 2 I have some amazing space party games and activities along withContinue reading “5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas:2”

5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas

Part 1 We all want to create a party for our kids that they will remember, one that will be talked about, one that all the kids would love to have had! But planning that party can be hard work – trawling through countless web pages and shops for the perfect party decorations, games, foodContinue reading “5 Fantastic Space Party Ideas”