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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Space Party

It started with my son’s 5th birthday. I had been thinking about extending my product range and loved the idea of cake toppers. One of my favourite birthday activities is baking and cake decoration. I have such amazing memories of the birthday cakes my mum and aunt made for me – and I want to do the same for my kids.

Over the past 9 years I have slowly improved my baking skills, and although my decorating is getting there, I thought, why not use my paper crafting skills to make my own decorations? So at the start of 2020 I made my first set of personalised cake toppers – a space cake topper set featuring a rocket, planets, aliens and stars.

My first set of personalised space cake toppers

It just elevated my rather flat cake and turned it into a masterpiece. Finn’s face when it was brought out at the birthday party was priceless and I knew I was ready to bring these to the world! We can’t all create the fabulously decorated cakes we see the professionals make, but here was a way to bring a home-baked (or shop bought) cake up to the same level of ‘WOW’.

After lots of sketching and erasing, making and cutting, my space cake topper set was finalised and added to my shop.

Bear & Willow Space Cake Topper Set and Party Straws

They’ve been joined by a set of personalised space theme party straws – decorated with rockets, alien-ships and stars. And now, as I aim for the ultimate space party experience, I am ready to launch the next product …..

Space Party Bags with matching sticker set

Following a collaboration with fellow Indie Biz owner, Becky, at Ludicrous Prints I am about to start the release of the next stage of Bear & Willow’s party range.

Have you ever just wanted to be able to put together a party bag that suits the theme of your party? Something thats not full of plastic toys and sweets picked up from the supermarket shelves? I certainly have, and so the themed party bag and sticker set was born. First theme due for release on Friday May 28th 2021 ….

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